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My interest is the genealogy in general and especially the research of my ancestors. If you have got some information on the name Spengler or if you are a Spengler, let me know and write me a mail. Furthermore I am interested in citizens from Külsheim, who left for America or other countries.

As an example of my work, I´d like to present the data of the eldest Spengler I found living in Külsheim with written evidence:

Citizen- and Taxrecord Külsheim 1425-1495 (found in Luzern, Switzerland):

"1479: Hans Spengler ist burger worden dedit X turn, Herbstin eidem"

(= payed 10 thurnes to become a citizen as the son-in-law of Mrs. Herbst)

Turktaxrecord in the statearchive in Würzburg, warfile 1/28, dating 1542:

"Hans Spengler Vermögen 30 Gulden, 0.5 % Steuer"

(= his property is 30 Gulden, he had to pay 0,5 % tax)

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